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Creating a minimally viable Centos instance for SSH X11 Forwarding

May 19 2013No Comments by justin

I recently need to setup a CentOS 6.4 vm for development Java development. I wanted to be able to run Eclipse STS and on said vm and display the X11 Windows remotely on my Windows 7 desktop via XMing. I saw no reason for the CentOS VM to have a local X11 server. I'm quite comfortable with the Linux command line. I decided to share briefly on how to go from a CentOS minimal install to something actually useful for getting work done. /usr/bin/man The minimal install installs man pages, but not …

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When your PowerShell cmdlet doesn't return anything, use -PassThru

May 11 2013No Comments by justin

The other day I was mounting an ISO in Windows 8 via the Mount-DiskImage command. Since I was mounting the disk image in a script, I needed to know the drive letter it was mounted to so the script could access the files contained within. However, Mount-DiskImage was not returning anything. I didn't want to go through the hack of listing drives before and after I mounted the disk image, or explicitly assigning the drive letter. Both would leave me open to race conditions if another drive was …

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Getting the Drive Letter of a disk image mounted with WinCdEmu

May 11 2013No Comments by justin

In my last post, I talked about mounting disk images in Windows 8. Both Windows 8 and 2012 include native support for mounting ISO images as drives. However, in prior versions of Windows you needed a third party tool to do this. Since I have a preference for open source, my tool of choice before Windows 8 was WinCdEmu. Today, I decided to see if it was possible to determine the drive letter of an ISO mounted by WinCdEMu with PowerShell. A quick search of the internet revealed that WinCdEmu …

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Setting the Visual Studio TFS diff and merge tools with PowerShell

May 03 2013No Comments by justin

I recently wrote this script to let me quickly change the diff and merge tools TFS uses from PowerShell. I plan to make it a module and add it to the StudioShell Contrib package by Jim Christopher (blog|twitter). For now, I share it as a gist and place it on this blog. The script supports Visual Studio 2008-2012 and the following diff tools: The built-in tools WinMerge KDiff3 SemanticMerge BeyondCompare Standard BeyondCompare Pro Enjoy!

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