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Looking to improve my software craftsmanship in Cambridge, England on Saturday 2012-10-20

Sep 24 2012No Comments by justin

I'll get right to the point. My employer needs me to be in London on Friday 2012-10-19, and I decided to stay the weekend. I settled a nice youth hostel in Cambridge. At first I was thinking of touring the museums and university. Then I figured, why not see if I can become a better programmer while I am there? So first the basics. These days I'm fluent in C#, PowerShell, T-SQL and MongoDB. I work for a large company that produces propeitary closed source software that I cannot talk about or …

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Why should developers learn and use PowerShell?

Sep 06 2012No Comments by justin

Its no secret that I'm a PowerShell true believer. I'm often frustrated why many of my fellow developers don't fall in love with PowerShell the way I do. However, today, I found this interview by Doug Finke in which he explains why developers should use PowerShell. [embed][/embed] BTW, Doug wrote a great book called PowerShell for Developers. Grab a copy today!

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