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Firing with dignity: In defense of the immediate escort

Jun 23 2012No Comments by justin

Earlier this week, Chris Dixon (blog|twitter) wrote about firing from a startup. I've never worked in a start-up. I've also never ran a company or fired anyone. However, I have been fired from an established mature company. In the comments I shared my experiences on being fired and how I felt that being escorted out the door and not being allowed to say goodbye to my coworkers actually added dignity to the process. Another commenter, Phillip Rhodes disagreed. I wish to expand upon my thoughts …

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Firing with dignity: My own walk of shame

Jun 22 2012No Comments by justin

This is the second and final part of my series on firing. It is an apologia for the practice of immediate removal with escort of the terminated employee. In part one I talked about two firing of coworkers of mine that were formative experiences for me. In this part, I will talk about my experience of being fired and escorted out immediately. At this point in my career I was a .NET developer. I was a rising star in my company, until I made a mistake that lead to a fall from grace. Officially I …

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Why aren't you attending or speaking at SQL Saturday 156 in Providence, RI?

Jun 22 2012No Comments by justin

Earlier this month, I spoke about MongoDB at SQL Saturday 121 in Malvern, PA. It was my first SQL Saturday as either an attendee or a speaker, and it was a blast. I generally can't commit to traveling very far for SQL Saturdays. That's ok though. They're meant to be local events. Its also ok because I live in the densely populated North Eastern United States.  This means there are many places within a 4 hour drive or Amtrak trip that host SQL Saturdays. One such place is Providence, RI. As …

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SQL Saturday 121 In Philadelphia - A recap

Jun 19 2012No Comments by justin

The weekend of June 9th was a double first for me. I attended my first SQL Saturday, and also spoke at it. Here is my review. SQL Amtrak: Going Solo When I learned my talk was accepted, I tried to organize a group Amtrak trip to SQL Saturday for anyone in the NYC area, or for anyone who I could convince to fly into EWR. I convinced no one, but I realize Amtrak is a hit or miss kind of thing. Regardless, its always fun to take the train. More leg room than a plane, and an electric outlet. My …

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