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Advice for young aspiring IT workers

Mar 31 2012No Comments by justin

Today I got to address some 18 year old young men at the all-boys Catholic High School I attended at their career day about the IT field. It was a great experience for myself, and I think some of the students enjoyed it. My time was limited in addressing them, so I decided to write this blog post of advice for young people. Some of this advice was in my talk, and some wasn't. Also, while I'm a big proponent of Women In Technology (WIT), I did not get to address any young ladies since my high …

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Some 64 bit Farmanager plugin links

Mar 28 2012No Comments by justin

I've previously written about my love of FAR, the File and ARchive manager. One of its greatest strengths is all the plugins written for it. However, some of the most popular plugins are no longer maintained (because they just work), and were not ported to 64 bit. Luckily, this is becoming less and less of an issue. I have therefore compiled this short list of sites with 64-bit FarManager plugins. BTW these days U run nightly builds of Far3. Some of these plugins might not work in Far2. Evil …

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