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"Forking" a long running command to a new tab with ConEmu. The magic of -new_console:c

Dec 27 2012No Comments by justin

Here's a quick tip I'd thought I'd share after being quite rightly told to RTFM by the author of ConEmu. Suppose you are running FarManager from ConEmu and want to update all your chocolatey packages. You can do so with the command cup all. However, that will block your FarManager session until the cup all completes. You have four options to fix this: You can start a new tab in ConEmu with the menu. This is undesirable because you're obviously a command line guy. You press Shift+Enter after …

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How to reference the registry in MSBuild4.0 (Visual Studio 2010) and later on a 64 bit OS

Dec 22 2012No Comments by justin

In the past I've written about using the Windows Registry to reference  assembly paths in Visual Studio. In it I made reference to the seminal article New Registry syntax in MSBuild v3.5, which is the dialect Visual Studio 2008 speaks. That syntax has served me well until recently. See fate lead me to writing a small C++/CLI program. In it I had to refer to some .NET assemblies that were not installed in the GAC. They were however installed as part of a software package that wrote its install …

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Trouble purchasing an MSDN subscription

Dec 14 2012No Comments by justin

Recently I've decided to purchase a Visual Studio 2012 Professional  MSDN subscription. There are several reasons for this. First of all, my Visual Studio 2012 30 day trial ran out and I absolutely need the non-express edition of it for a side project. Secondly, I'd like to be able to test poshrunner in older versions of Windows. Thirdly, Having access to checked builds of Windows would allow me to lean more in my Windows Internals study group. I started my journey to an MSDN subscription on …

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Announcing ILRepack-BuildTasks

Dec 10 2012No Comments by justin

ILMerge is a great tool for creating a single executable out of multiple .NET assemblies. However, it has two limitations. The first is that its not open source, and you're not supposed to include a copy in your public source code repos. The second is its an executable and therefore needs to be called from the MSBuild post build event as opposed to a proper MSBuild task. Each problem had its own mutually exclusive solution. For the first problem, Francois Valdy (blog|twitter) wrote IL-Repack, …

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A misleading SQL Error Message Error: 18456, Severity: 14, State: 38

Dec 10 2012No Comments by justin

On Friday I had to help a client out with an error that kept appearing in their event logs: Login failed for user 'domain\user'. Reason: Failed to open the explicitly specified database. [CLIENT:] It took me a while to troubleshoot the error. The client's internal system administrator (who was quite sharp) only had to call me in in the first place because the error was a little misleading. See the first thing I did when I saw that was audit login failures. In the trace, the …

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The #MongoHelp twitter manifesto

Dec 05 2012No Comments by justin

What is #mongohelp? #mongohelp is a hashtag on twitter that members of the mongo community use for support. What's appropiate to tag #mongohelp? In order for something to be appropiate for appending the #mongohelp hash tag to one of the following two criteria must be met You are asking a question related to MongoDb You are @replying to a question #mongohelp with an answer or a request for clarification Those are the rules. You can reply with a recommendation for a commercial product or …

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