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Windows Internals Study Group Proposal

Oct 29 2012No Comments by justin

UPDATE: I've made a google group to move the discussion to. While most of the code I've written to put food on the table has been for application development, I've always had a true passion for system development. Its a bit meta, sort of like being the mechanical engineer that just wants to make a better ratchet wrench. However, I think its important to understand, and if given the opportunity, help write the code that runs and supports the code that makes the end users productive. As a result …

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Excel Link Dump

Oct 22 2012No Comments by justin

I was recently told I had to train one of my companies clients to access our API's using Excel. This ended up being a miscommunication, and the client wanted to use C#. However, I spent a day re-learning Excel VBA before I got the correct information. Relearning involved writing a simple app with out API and doing a lot of googling to fill in the large gaps in my knowledge. I decided to post the list of useful links I found here, mostly for my own reference. If I ever have to touch Excel again, …

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Continuous Integration with Windows Azure SDK 1.7, Powershell and TFS Build too!

Oct 18 2012No Comments by stanley

Environments change and the solutions to support them have to keep up. I was very entertained with my old deployment solution for a good while. However, we eventually moved to Azure, and I needed to scramble to find something new. Tom Hollander's Automated Build and Deployment with Windows Azure SDK 1.6 filled that void until I upgraded my project type to the 1.7 SDK. At that point, I realized I had to roll up my sleeves and cobble something new together. From an automated deployment …

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SQLCLR wrapper for RAISERROR()

Oct 16 2012No Comments by justin

Recently I was writing a SQLCLR stored procedure. I made several calls to RAISERROR() in the procedure. While this meant that my stored procedure would be easier to debug in the future because of useful error messages, there was a lot of ceremony involved in these RAISERROR() calls. Therefore I decided to encapsulate all this ceremony into a simple static method. RAISERROR() presents a small challenge in wrapping in a C# function. That challenge is the variable parameter length due to the …

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