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Knowledge Quest: Reverse engineering unmanaged DLLs

Aug 29 2011No Comments by justin

As a programmer person, I am always learning. I learn different thing in different ways, at different rates, and for different purposes. Usually, I write these blog posts about things I have learned recently. This post is about what I am currently learning. First, a little background. Around 2006 I was programming Windows CE devices, and syncing Pocket Access databases on them with a Microsoft Access database on a desktop via ActiveSync. Since I had no need for the Microsoft Access application, …

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Creating an Access Database In Powershell without Access installed

Aug 25 2011No Comments by justin

Recently I stumbled across a Hey, Scripting Guy! blog post titled "How Can I Use Windows PowerShell to Create an Office Access Database?" that demonstrated how to create a Microsoft Access database in powershell. The only problem with this script was it required Microsoft Access to be installed on the machine that it ran on. I knew this dependency on Access was unnecessary, because a few years ago I wrote an open source project for manipulating Microsoft Access and SQLite databases called …

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The cost of fixing a computer, and Open Source Software

Aug 19 2011No Comments by justin

Note: I started writing this a while ago, but just finished it. This is made obvious by the time stamps of the tweets I reference. Twitter is a great tool, but sometimes you need more than a 140 characters for a reply. This is one of those cases. It all started with a retweet by Karen Lopez, a.k.a. @datachick: “@jlopez255: Starting today -"Name your own price computer repair", U name the price for my labor and I will fix your computer. Parts extra. Which lead to me putting forth the following …

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Yak Shaving Digest 2011-08-13

Aug 14 2011No Comments by justin

This blog post is inspired by Brendan W McAdams (blog | twitter) for introducing me to the term yak shaving, Aaron Bertrand (blog | twitter) for his Connect Digests and Jennifer Lopez (not that one) (website | twitter) for expressing  her desire to see the intersect of who she follows on twitter and who follows her, which thereby made me want to do the same thing. I was working on a C# console app the past week or so that would find the intersect of my following and followed by list on twitter. …

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