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Moving your spring-roo hibernate project from Hypersonic to Postgresql

Jun 25 2011No Comments by justin

I've always been an ORM hater. However, recently the decision to use ORM on a project I am working on was made for me. So I borrowed a pair of my pro-ORM's colleague's moccasins so I could walk a few miles in them.  To throw me further out of my comfort zone, this project is being done in java, a language I am quite rusty in. The first thing I learned about ORMs is that at least in java, you don't pick your database right away. You start off using an in-memory database like Hypersonic until …

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More Windows command line PATH goodness pathed.exe

Jun 11 2011No Comments by justin

Readers of this blog probably think I have an obsession with editing my system path. That belief is absolutely correct. I even added a tag on this blog for the articles about path manipulation. I am a command line junkie who is constantly trying out new tools so I have to add them to my path. I've written about doing this from powershell here and here, as well as doing it with setx. While these methods are good, I wanted something better. I got better with pathed.exe. pathed.exe is a program …

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UnSQL #4 Lessons learned from PHP

Jun 05 2011No Comments by justin

Jen McCrown has decreed this UnSQL Friday theme Speaker Lessons Learned. Well what could be more a more UnSQL blog than a PHP talk that I bombed at NYPHP! So a little back story. One day at work I discovered a problem in PHP, so I filed a bug report. I eventually fixed the bug, and my fix was included in PHP 5.3.3 and 5.2.14. I figured, "Hey this would be a great topic for a  talk!" So I gave a talk at NYPHP about how to file and fix a bug in PHP. It bombed. It bombed for a few reasons. So …

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