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´╗┐Remembering those IT practioners that have served

May 31 2011No Comments by justin

Today we observe Memorial Day in the United States. I happened to have spent part of my Memorial Day returning from a *minication* in Dallas, Texas. On my flight home, it was announced that a female WWII veteran who served in the WASP program was flying with us. Since flight time is often blogging time for me, I decided to write this article to express my thanks to all of those who have served the United States in uniform. Thank you to all of you! ┬áI also wanted to use this space to thank those …

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Using MongoDB in Powershell

May 15 2011No Comments by justin

Readers of this blog know that I've been using MongoDB for a while, and I've recently become very excited about Powershell. Well recently I've been able to combine the two together for pure dynamically typed, schema-less, non-relational awesomeness. Such awesomeness is begging to be shared. To get started you will need version 1.1 of the official 10gen CSharp driver for Mongodb. At the time of this writing 1.1 has not been released, so your going to have to pull the latest version from github …

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Setx where have you been all my life?

May 08 2011No Comments by justin

For me, the reference implementation of mixed emotions is the combination of anger, relief, joy, and frustration when "Why isn't there a way to do X?!" becomes "How come no one ever told me about Y?!" This past Friday, I got to experience that entire bag of emotion thanks to setx.exe. Setx (technet - ss64) is a command line utility that sets environmental variables permanently on windows. This behavior is distinct from the set command (technet - ss64) which only affects the current cmd.exe …

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