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RedGate Reflector 7 news roundup

Feb 03 2011No Comments by justin

Below is a series of links related to todays news that RedGate will cease to offer a free version of its .NET Reflector product. The ZDNet article that broke the story The official RedGate announcement Youtube interview by the CEO of RedGate Redgate forum dedicated to this announcement JetBrains blog post alluding to a replacement they have been working on Jb Evain has announced he is working on a Mono.Cecil based decompiler on twitter For completeness, my earlier post on the matter …

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RedGate is no longer free? I say open source it!

Feb 02 2011No Comments by justin

As of today, RedGate's .NET Reflector is no longer free. It is now $35. In an interview their CEO claimed they can not justify dedicating any developer resources to the product under the current free model. I am a big fan of Redgate's SQL Compare tool, it makes DB deploys as easy as code deploys. I've used .NET Reflector, although naturally its not the sort of thing I use on a regular basis. I had mixed reactions at first. I do think that $35 is a fair price for the tool. I am glad that they …

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