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EZ-Pass Data Integrity and security fail

Nov 27 2011No Comments by justin

On October 29th 2011, I entered an EZ-Pass lane of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel toll plaza and, to make a long story short, learned my EZ-Pass was broken. On November 19th 2011, I went to the Newark, NJ EZ-Pass Customer Service Center to rectify the matter. I was given another external EZ-Pass tag, and told it would cost me $33 dollars. I was not asked for payment, and assumed it would come  out of my account. I went out, mounted the new EZ-Pass tag to my front licence plate (with the old screws, …

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Editing elements with periods in the name in PowerShell

Nov 07 2011No Comments by justin

Recently, a coworker asked me about a problem he was having with a PowerShell script that edited an app.config file. It was a simple enough fix for an experienced PowerShell programmer, but worth sharing the solution for those not as experienced. For this article, I'll use a very small example web.config that demonstrates the problem. [xml]<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <configuration> <appSettings> <add key="verbose" value=& …

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