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Visual Studio, Line Numbers and Ankhsvn

Jan 30 2011No Comments by justin

Although I am a git and DVCS true believer, I still deal with SVN. In Visual Studio this usually means I use AnkhSVN. For anyone paying for the VisualSVN client, I really think you should evaluate this tool. Its Visual Studio Integration is superb and I've had no usability problems in recent versions. One thing about it annoyed me was caused by it integrating too well with Visual Studio. That problem was it is the display of line numbers on the editor screen. I setup Visual Studio to display …

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Open Source Software Roundup July 2009 to December 2010

Jan 30 2011No Comments by justin

Originally this was supposed to be an end of year round up. However, two things happened. First, I did not finish it before the end of the year. Secondly, I realized that it would be better to list software I've discovered over the past 18 months as opposed to a year, due to various personal events that started in July 2009. If I had to use one word to describe my relationship with technology in the past 18 months, it would have to be the Russian word Glasnov. That word, refers the open …

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IIS7 Web Application Enabled Protocols: Yet Another WCF Gotcha!

Jan 30 2011No Comments by justin

One of the cool things about IIS 7.0  and WCF is the ability to serve WCF endpoints with non-http bindings. Naturally, this new feature presents new opportunities for the developer to get frustrated by WCF configuration headaches. This blog post is about one of them. I was writing a WCF web service that had three endpoints, Json, Soap 1.1, and net.tcp. This services primary purpose was to be the middleware for the mongo database where my applications data was held. In the end, I didn't need …

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What's new in JsonViewer?

Jan 01 2011No Comments by justin

This post is the announcement of the justaprogrammer fork of JsonViewer, an excellent codeplex project whose maintainer has not logged into codeplex in a while and has not seem my patches. JsonViewer is a suite of three .NET tools that visual render JSON via .NET WinForms. These tools are: JsonView: the standalone EXE form. JsonVisualizer: A Visual Studio Debugging visualizer JsonInspector: An inspector for the popular and excellent debugging proxy Fiddler. This fork started as a result …

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