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MongoDB The Definitive Guide: The Definitive Review

Sep 28 2010No Comments by justin

One of the advantages of being a programmer in New York City, the greatest city in the world, is there are so many companies and individuals contributing to open source. One of these companies is 10gen, the creators of MongoDB, and two individuals that work as developers for 10gen are Kristina Chodorow and Mike Dirolf. I met Kristina at her NYPHP talk where I was introduced to MongoDB. I eventually became a user of and contributor to MongoDB. As a result I met Mike, and other members of the 10 …

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Azure+MongoDb: Having my mind blown at Mongo Boston

Sep 23 2010No Comments by justin

Update: Originally the Mongo Boston talk on Azure was supposed to be given by David Makogon (blog) (twitter). He talks about the session and some upcoming articles he will write in this post. I was at the thoroughly awesome Mongo Boston conference at the Micrsoft NERD Center this weekend. I had a great time at the conference, as well as the surrounding activities. Of all the talks during the conference, one stood out. It was given by Mark Eisenberg who does sales for Microsoft Azure. That talk …

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Two Powershell One-Liners: Appending to my %PATH% and Whats in my %PATH%

Sep 15 2010No Comments by justin

To say I've fallen in love with PowerShell is an understatement. PowerShell is what perl would be; if perl was object based instead of stream based, and lacked all the "culture" of perl. I use PowerShell for a lot of things lately. Recently, I've been using it to manage my path, thanks to this PowerShell tip of the week. This has inspired me to share two one-liners related to path management. The first allows you to add an item to your path. Few things annoy me more than windows programs that …

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