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Impressions of PowerShell: Taking Buck Woody's EventLog example further.

Aug 12 2010No Comments by justin

This is not quite a PowerShell first impressions article. I've toyed with PowerShell a few times before previously. Most notably, I toyed with the PowerShell TFS cmdlets that come with Team Foundation Server Power Toys a little under a year ago. However, I never stuck with it long enough to retain any of the syntax. Recently, I discovered a one liner by chance in Buck Woody's blog. This lead me to do some serious PowerShell tinkering today. I'm not quite a seasoned PowerShell novice, but I …

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Charitable development for Unemployed/Under Employed OSS developer.

Aug 09 2010No Comments by justin

Microsoft MVP Arnie Rowland was given some MSDN licenses to distribute as he saw fit. He decided to use them to encourage people to give back by doing development projects for non-profit organizations. He also got others to step up to the plate to provide additional prizes. Books, exam vouchers, training, and third party software licenses will be awarded to some of the participants in addition to the MSDN licenses. Overall, this is a very positive thing. I'm especially excited by the fact that …

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An evening with a Solaris 10 Appliance on Virtual Box

Aug 08 2010No Comments by justin

I have a tolerate/hate relationship with Solaris. I've played with it occasionally, and I always seem to spend too much time administering Solaris, giving me less time to solve the problem I intended to use Solaris for. Recently, I was called in to troubleshoot some mod_perl scripts for a client. The troubleshooting was done over email and I never actually had access to the machine the code ran on. I was asked to do some follow-up, and I wanted to more accurately reproduce the client's …

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Analyzing Google Analytics

Aug 06 2010No Comments by justin

I though it would be interesting to disclose and discuss some web stats from google analytics. They are taken from 2010-07-04 to 2010-08-04. The numbers themselves are low, but enough to indicate that there seems to be some value in a few of the posts I write. So without further ado: Page Pageviews / 60 /2010/01/28/using-the-registry-to-resolve-visual-studio-reference-paths/ 46 /2010/03/31/jquery-collapsiblepanel-a-collapsable-panel-plugin-for-jquery/ 41 /2010/01/16/sprintf-for- …

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Bad Twitter Parodies Imitate the Art the Original Parodied

Aug 06 2010No Comments by justin

You have not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon -- Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country I made parodied reference to the above quote in a twitter post I didn't bother to proofread. Since I have more than 140 characters here I can explain the obtuse reference. I was attempting to 1-up Michael Graziano's talk of the bad days of ssh clients on windows before putty. I happened to have filed a bug today with bitvise about WinSSHD's sftp behavior when you …

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