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Dealing with rejection in git, resetting your master to theirs and starting over

Jul 03 2010No Comments by justin

You haven't really started using git until you've gotten your first patch rejected. Due to the nature of git, merging is easier, but rejection is harder. Well if I was using branches it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but thats besides the point. You see I developed a love/hate relationship with a wonderful NoSQL database called MongoDB, that led me to contribute patches to it. I loved it because its awesome for a few specific tasks I need to do, but found its windows support a little lacking. …

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A really simple guide to creating SQL Server Table with a FILESTREAM backed column

Jul 03 2010No Comments by justin

I recently helped to develop a small website to share images. I decided to use the new FILESTREAM feature of SQL Server 2008 to store the images. Along the way I encountered some gotchas, so I wrote this article to document them here. Usually, I am the last person to want to store files in a relational database. Windows comes with a datastore highly optimized for storage of arbitrary blobs of binary data called the NTFS filesystem. However, SQL Server 2008 has a really nice feature where you …

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