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Appcmd.exe and his amazing superfriends in %systemroot%system32inetsrv

Jun 29 2010No Comments by justin

Preface: Regardless of the size of your organization and segregation of job roles, every programmer must sometimes assume sys-admin related duties. Sometimes the programmer is also the sys-admin in a one man shop, and even in a large shop with many programmers and many system administrators, a programmer must develop the administrative procedures for the software he develops, and usually administers the working of his own box. Therefore, even though this is a programming blog, system …

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My new favorite tool, the Far File manager

Jun 21 2010No Comments by justin

Strange things excite me, things even other programmers would consider strange to be excited about. Every once in a while, something comes along that excites me in multiple ways. One of those things is the orthodox file manager, Far. The far manager was developed by Eugene Roshal, who created WinRar. It was originally shareware, but has recently been made open source. I've known about Far for a while. I first discovered it looking for a file manager that could handle a directory with …

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