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CoApp: Open Source Package Manager for Windows

Apr 11 2010No Comments by justin

As I mentioned before, I am a big fan of msi installers on windows. So I was really excited to see Garrett Serack announce an OSS package management system called CoApp that he has been authorized to work full time on. In my point of view, Garrett really gets it. I'm hoping as a side effect of this project, WiX will get all sorts of dependency handling improvements. I'll be watching how this develops very closely.

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My strange ternary operator indenting

Apr 07 2010No Comments by justin

I've always indented ternary operator (?:) statements like so in languages that support them: int fooCount = (isSeven) ? 7 : int.MaxValue; I've never seen anyone else do it this way , but no one has complained about my style to my knowledge. If anyone has a strong opinion on the matter, for or against it, I'd like to know.

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Cassini is now on github.

Apr 05 2010No Comments by justin

This weekend I created a github repository for Cassini, the small, single executable, Ms-PL web server which Microsoft released for developers. This was motivated by my SVG experiments, because Cassini does not serve svg files with the proper content type. I coded a simple workaround to set the mime type and wanted to give it back to the community. While there are two codeplex projects with Cassini enhancements, Cassini++ and CassiniDev, I felt github was the place to host Cassini changes. …

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Adventures with SVG (a lessons learned post)

Apr 04 2010No Comments by justin

Go into the open dessert. Draw a circle around you. All that is inside the circle represents your knowledge. All that is outside the circle represents that which you do not know. The line represents that which you know you do not know. What happens as you make the circle bigger? -- Unknown I don't remember where I first read a version of the above story. However, it rings true for my recent experiences. You see I wrote a simple jQuery plugin, and decided to use inkscape to generate the graphics …

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jquery.collapsiblePanel: A collapsable panel plugin for jQuery

Apr 01 2010No Comments by justin

I'm pleased to announce my first open source jquery plugin, collapsiblePanel. Basically, this plugin surrounds a given html element with a box and places a title bar on top. Clicking on the title bar will toggle between expanding and collapsing the element. My main motivation for creating this plugin is to for the tangential lessons I will learn. Some of the tangential lessons I am learning as a result of this: How do you use the google closure compiler? How do you use git, and github …

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