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Announcement: Comments moved to Disqus

Dec 30 2010No Comments by justin

Folks, I just moved all the comments to Disqus. What this means is you can log into to post a comment with twitter/facebook/openid/whatever. I am doing this because I wish to join Jeff Atwood's crusade to end user name and password storage in every website.

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Open Source Site Roundup 2010

Dec 27 2010No Comments by justin

Its the end of the year, and a great time to look back. In December 2007, I wrote an article about my favorite open source sites, that I am revisiting. It would be grossly inaccurate to call this an annual update, but if I do this again in 2011 I can call that article an annual update. So without further adieu, these are my favorite Open Source Sites for 2010. Github ( - My Profile - JustAProgrammer Org) Distributed version control initially bothered me on principle. I like …

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The great open source bounty experiment

Dec 12 2010No Comments by justin

Like Joel Atwood, I am a huge fan of paying for software, especially donating to OSS projects. I am also a fan of contributing patches to open source projects I use. Usually, my monetary donations are for projects I've used for years as a thank you for the value rendered to me by them. I have also offered money in the past in exchange for the implementation of feature requests. Sometimes my features were implemented, but my money has never been accepted. I am conducting an experiment that will …

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In the brave new world of MaybeSQL, we still need DBAs

Dec 09 2010No Comments by justin

Yesterday, Chuck Reeve's tweeted an article from Daniel Lemire's blog entitled Who will need database administrators in 2020?. The thesis is that with the advent of all these NoSQL technologies, the role of DBA will become unnecessary. I disagree with this for two reasons. First of all, NoSQL will not replace SQL. Secondly, your NoSQL data store probably needs a DBA, even if he has a different title. Just a quick note, I've worked with enough SQL databases to make broad generalizations about …

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Cross database queries in MongoDB

Dec 06 2010No Comments by justin

Until recently, I could accurately claim that I've spent more time hacking the source code to mongod, then writing code that made db calls to running instances of mongod. That was before I started my current project.  For better or for worse, I'm approaching the point where I'm as comfortable with querying mongo collections as I am doing multi table joins in SQL server. Naturally, as I use MongoDB I find myself asking a lot of "how do I do this in mongo" questions for tasks that I am able to …

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