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A quick guide to installing PHP 5.3 on Redhat Enterprise or Centos 5 machine

Oct 26 2010No Comments by justin

I was tempted not to post this article since it is little more than a link to someone elses blog article. However, said article is so useful its worth sharing in a manner more permanent than a tweet. A while back I was trying to get some PHP code to run on a Redhat Enterprise Linux server. Long story short, the code required PHP 5.3, RHEL does not package PHP 5.3, I didn't feel like compiling PHP, and it was late Friday afternoon.  So I googled around and discovered that someone made a yum …

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Cleaning up your path in PowerShell, and adding stuff to it.

Oct 02 2010No Comments by justin

A while back, I demonstrated some PowerShell one-liner-fu for path management. I also pointed out that my machine had duplicate entries in its path. Most people would not care about this at all. Most of the few people that do care would cleanup their path by hand. However, there are a mentally deranged few who realize the world needs a PowerShell script to clean up our paths for us. Luckily for you, I am that kind of crazy. However, I don't stop there. I also show you how to search the registry …

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Announcing the JustAProgrammer github organization

Oct 01 2010No Comments by justin

This is a programming blog. Sometimes the authors of this site write code specifically for articles contained here. For all intents and purposes, said projects home pages are the blog articles in which they appear. Naturally anything of consequence gets stored in version control. In the past,, the has meant my personal github repo. Not anymore! Recently I have made a github organization for these projects. This means that justaprogrammer has its own little place in github, and the authors can …

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MongoDB as a Windows Service

Oct 01 2010No Comments by justin

Update: an older blog article exists on Chris Conway's blog. The directions are out of date, but its an interesting read to get a historical perspective of the improvements mongod's windows support. Unix is an OS built around a worse is better philosophy. Part of that philosophy is defining things through convention. This has many advantages. One is thats its really easy to write a program that can run in both the console and as a daemon. The mongo server, mongod, is a perfect example of this. …

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