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Using the registry to resolve Visual Studio reference paths.

Jan 28 2010No Comments by justin

Update 2012-12-24: Updated to reflect the MSBuild 4.0 syntax as I describe here. Note: To skip the long journey of what lead me to figuring this out, click here to go to the howto. Recently I was asked to look at a fiddler plugin Stan, the founder of this blog, was developing. He gave me a SVN path and asked me to build it and test it. So I checked out the source code and hit F5. I got a bunch of compiler errors relating to the fact that I didn't have fiddler installed. I rectified that …

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What three things got me here.

Jan 22 2010No Comments by justin

Paul Randal wrote a What three events brought you here article on his blog and asked some others in the SQL server community to do the same. I of course was not on that list. However, no one ever invited me to blog about anything before so why should I be shy now. I have decided to not tell this story in terms of professional accomplishments. For me, my hobbies have always led my career. Event 1: A trip to Borders The year was 1999. At 18 years old I spent my last summer before college doing …

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Trouble building PHP on Windows

Jan 17 2010No Comments by justin

Update: It seems that the facts presented to me in the initial bug report are not correct. I will be revising this article after the facts are settled. For now read the comments. It all started with a simple bug encountered while trying to get PHP and WCF to play nice. Before you know it I was attempting to compile PHP on windows myself. That's when I realized how deep the rabbit hole really goes. These days I program in PHP and .NET for a living. In a past life I was a unix admin for small …

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Printf() for jquery.

Jan 17 2010No Comments by justin

I was preparing for my pre-session talk this past November at LISUG, when I determined that I needed a printf() function for jquery. To be more accurate, more accurately I needed an sprintf() implementation in javascript, and wanted to . Google lead me to a jquery plugin that has not been updated since 2007. However, sometimes software gets to the point where it really doesn't need to be maintained, and if it worked for me I was not going to dismiss it as abandoned software. In the end it did …

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