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Self appointed traditionalist bishop of the Church of XML

Nov 07 2009No Comments by justin

In a recent blog, ESR coined an interesting phrase, high-church XML. I have identified with this term, and all of its connotations. I have expanded upon the idea and declared myself a traditionalists bishop in the church of XML ESR was trying to point out that regexes are appropriate for extracting information from html, because its tag soup, and DOM parsing doesn't work well. I personally think some clever xPaths could be made to work, but I question the performance. I also think regexes are …

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Github, because software kittens should be cloned, not adopted

Nov 05 2009No Comments by justin

This is a tale of two open source software projects. However, unlike two certain European cities, there fates are not particularly intertwined, and there is little greatness about their history. The projects are mqmanager, and console. Mqmanager is a tool for managing MSMQs written in .NET. Console is a multi-tabbed wrapper around cmd.exe. Both projects are hosted on sourceforge. Neither project is terribly popular, although console is more so than mqmanager. The difference is in the SCM or …

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