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Bad journalism in the Wired article on Sun buying MySQL

Jan 17 2008No Comments by justin

Its hard for me to write an article like this without sounding trite. I'm sure I make many journalistic mistakes in this fine publication. I can't say "well wired should know better," since that is tantamount to saying, "I admit no one should read what I say." That being said I really think that the wired article on Sun buying MySQL had one really bad flaw. The either misunderstand or misrepresent of facts. Even with Ruby on Rails and Django gaining in popularity, MySQL remains a popular and …

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The importance of changing ones mind

Jan 17 2008No Comments by justin

I do not consider myself an expert on Microsoft SQL server. I prefer Postgresql. However, I am a fan of referential integrity and seek to enforce it at the database level, regardless of the engine. I like my databases to reject invalid data like DMV clerks rejecting incorrectly filled out forms. When I work with Microsoft SQL server I struggle to enforce referential integrity in the same manner as I do with Postgres. Recently, I wanted to restrict the values that may be stored in a column in a …

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