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These are a Few of My Favorite Open Source Sites

Dec 08 2007No Comments by justin

I'm a big fan of sites about open source. Especially those that categorize, index, and report information about them. I've probably spent more time marketing my pet Open Source project PlaneDisaster.NET on these sites then writing code for it. So I've compiled this list of sites I use. SourceForge ( The true power of open source is allowing anyone to contribute your project. In order to have a successful open source projects, you need to build a community where users …

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Microsoft and the OLPC - Red Tape and Misconceptions

Dec 08 2007No Comments by justin

It would appear that Microsoft is making significant progress in porting XP to the XO laptop. While I think the third world is better off learning Linux, I have no problem with them learning on a Microsoft platform, provided they make it suitable for their needs. They seem to be attempting to do that. I can't say for sure that the OLPC is what the third world needs regardless of operating system, therefore I really can't make a judgment as to which OS better serves said undefined needs. …

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