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What Qualifies an Open Source Project as Successful?

Nov 28 2007No Comments by justin

The title is actually deceiving. I'm really going to talk about my pet open source project. I will talk about its low download rate and the lack of feedback it gets. I will then discuss if that makes it successful. My pet open source project is called PlaneDisaster.NET. It is a SQL frontend for Microsoft Access and SQLite databases. Basically it allows you to query and manipulate Microsoft Access databases through the JetSQL engine. I wrote it originally to teach myself C#, and then eventually …

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Just an Idea

Nov 28 2007No Comments by stanley

Things always start out with ideas. Webbloging is a new idea to me. As programmers we are all surrounded by ideas. But how do you know an idea is good? How do you know if your idea is good? From what I've learned the only way to find out is to share. So I rounded some friends and decided to start a place to let our ideas be shared. No matter how eccentric. Welcome to the site.

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