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PowerShell 3.0 [ordered] and MongoDB

Apr 20 2012No Comments by justin

Recently, Shay Levy published a blog post about new features related to the Add-Member cmdlet in PowerShell 3.0. In it, one of the examples involved the use of [ordered]. The example, shown below is: [powershell]PS> $pso = New-Object -TypeName PSObject PS> $pso | Add-Member ([ordered]@{One=1; Two=2; Three=3}) -PassThru One Two Three --- --- ----- 1 2 3[/powershell] The take home of this example was simple; using the @{} operator by itself created a System.Hashtable object, and …

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Using MongoDB in Powershell

May 15 2011No Comments by justin

Readers of this blog know that I've been using MongoDB for a while, and I've recently become very excited about Powershell. Well recently I've been able to combine the two together for pure dynamically typed, schema-less, non-relational awesomeness. Such awesomeness is begging to be shared. To get started you will need version 1.1 of the official 10gen CSharp driver for Mongodb. At the time of this writing 1.1 has not been released, so your going to have to pull the latest version from github …

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Scaling MongoDB: The review

Apr 07 2011No Comments by justin

Back in September, I posted the definitive review of MongoDB: The Definitive Guide by10gen employees Kristina Chodorow (blog | twitter) and Mike Dirolf (blog | twitter). Since then the book has continued to serve me well, and I even bought the electronic version. Therefore I was excited to learn that Kristina had solo authored a second O'Reilly volume on MongoDB, Scaling MongoDB. The Short of It The ebook weighs in at 64 pages. You can get  a dead-tree copy via print on demand, but I recommend …

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A BSON ObjectId implementation in Javascript

Mar 26 2011No Comments by justin

Recently I spent a few days implementing the BSON ObjectId data type used by MongoDB in javascript so I could generate ObjectIds in a a web browser. I originally had a specific problem to solve. However, I ended reworking my approach in that instance so I did not have to generate ObjectIds in the browser. Despite this, the code is still a valid approach to solving my original problem. The code is available on the justaprogrammer github org, The project is called ObjectId.js. Although the git …

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In the brave new world of MaybeSQL, we still need DBAs

Dec 09 2010No Comments by justin

Yesterday, Chuck Reeve's tweeted an article from Daniel Lemire's blog entitled Who will need database administrators in 2020?. The thesis is that with the advent of all these NoSQL technologies, the role of DBA will become unnecessary. I disagree with this for two reasons. First of all, NoSQL will not replace SQL. Secondly, your NoSQL data store probably needs a DBA, even if he has a different title. Just a quick note, I've worked with enough SQL databases to make broad generalizations about …

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Cross database queries in MongoDB

Dec 06 2010No Comments by justin

Until recently, I could accurately claim that I've spent more time hacking the source code to mongod, then writing code that made db calls to running instances of mongod. That was before I started my current project.  For better or for worse, I'm approaching the point where I'm as comfortable with querying mongo collections as I am doing multi table joins in SQL server. Naturally, as I use MongoDB I find myself asking a lot of "how do I do this in mongo" questions for tasks that I am able to …

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MongoDB as a Windows Service

Oct 01 2010No Comments by justin

Update: an older blog article exists on Chris Conway's blog. The directions are out of date, but its an interesting read to get a historical perspective of the improvements mongod's windows support. Unix is an OS built around a worse is better philosophy. Part of that philosophy is defining things through convention. This has many advantages. One is thats its really easy to write a program that can run in both the console and as a daemon. The mongo server, mongod, is a perfect example of this. …

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MongoDB The Definitive Guide: The Definitive Review

Sep 28 2010No Comments by justin

One of the advantages of being a programmer in New York City, the greatest city in the world, is there are so many companies and individuals contributing to open source. One of these companies is 10gen, the creators of MongoDB, and two individuals that work as developers for 10gen are Kristina Chodorow and Mike Dirolf. I met Kristina at her NYPHP talk where I was introduced to MongoDB. I eventually became a user of and contributor to MongoDB. As a result I met Mike, and other members of the 10 …

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Azure+MongoDb: Having my mind blown at Mongo Boston

Sep 23 2010No Comments by justin

Update: Originally the Mongo Boston talk on Azure was supposed to be given by David Makogon (blog) (twitter). He talks about the session and some upcoming articles he will write in this post. I was at the thoroughly awesome Mongo Boston conference at the Micrsoft NERD Center this weekend. I had a great time at the conference, as well as the surrounding activities. Of all the talks during the conference, one stood out. It was given by Mark Eisenberg who does sales for Microsoft Azure. That talk …

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