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Announcement: Comments moved to Disqus

Dec 30 2010No Comments by justin

Folks, I just moved all the comments to Disqus. What this means is you can log into to post a comment with twitter/facebook/openid/whatever. I am doing this becauseĀ I wish to join Jeff Atwood's crusade to end user name and password storage in every website.

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Analyzing Google Analytics

Aug 06 2010No Comments by justin

I though it would be interesting to disclose and discuss some web stats from google analytics. They are taken from 2010-07-04 to 2010-08-04. The numbers themselves are low, but enough to indicate that there seems to be some value in a few of the posts I write. So without further ado: Page Pageviews / 60 /2010/01/28/using-the-registry-to-resolve-visual-studio-reference-paths/ 46 /2010/03/31/jquery-collapsiblepanel-a-collapsable-panel-plugin-for-jquery/ 41 /2010/01/16/sprintf-for- …

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