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A BSON ObjectId implementation in Javascript

Mar 26 2011No Comments by justin

Recently I spent a few days implementing the BSON ObjectId data type used by MongoDB in javascript so I could generate ObjectIds in a a web browser. I originally had a specific problem to solve. However, I ended reworking my approach in that instance so I did not have to generate ObjectIds in the browser. Despite this, the code is still a valid approach to solving my original problem. The code is available on the justaprogrammer github org, The project is called ObjectId.js. Although the git …

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Adventures with SVG (a lessons learned post)

Apr 04 2010No Comments by justin

Go into the open dessert. Draw a circle around you. All that is inside the circle represents your knowledge. All that is outside the circle represents that which you do not know. The line represents that which you know you do not know. What happens as you make the circle bigger? -- Unknown I don't remember where I first read a version of the above story. However, it rings true for my recent experiences. You see I wrote a simple jQuery plugin, and decided to use inkscape to generate the graphics …

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Printf() for jquery.

Jan 17 2010No Comments by justin

I was preparing for my pre-session talk this past November at LISUG, when I determined that I needed a printf() function for jquery. To be more accurate, more accurately I needed an sprintf() implementation in javascript, and wanted to . Google lead me to a jquery plugin that has not been updated since 2007. However, sometimes software gets to the point where it really doesn't need to be maintained, and if it worked for me I was not going to dismiss it as abandoned software. In the end it did …

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