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Announcing the JustAProgrammer github organization

Oct 01 2010No Comments by justin

This is a programming blog. Sometimes the authors of this site write code specifically for articles contained here. For all intents and purposes, said projects home pages are the blog articles in which they appear. Naturally anything of consequence gets stored in version control. In the past,, the has meant my personal github repo. Not anymore! Recently I have made a github organization for these projects. This means that justaprogrammer has its own little place in github, and the authors can …

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Cassini is now on github.

Apr 05 2010No Comments by justin

This weekend I created a github repository for Cassini, the small, single executable, Ms-PL web server which Microsoft released for developers. This was motivated by my SVG experiments, because Cassini does not serve svg files with the proper content type. I coded a simple workaround to set the mime type and wanted to give it back to the community. While there are two codeplex projects with Cassini enhancements, Cassini++ and CassiniDev, I felt github was the place to host Cassini changes. …

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jquery.collapsiblePanel: A collapsable panel plugin for jQuery

Apr 01 2010No Comments by justin

I'm pleased to announce my first open source jquery plugin, collapsiblePanel. Basically, this plugin surrounds a given html element with a box and places a title bar on top. Clicking on the title bar will toggle between expanding and collapsing the element. My main motivation for creating this plugin is to for the tangential lessons I will learn. Some of the tangential lessons I am learning as a result of this: How do you use the google closure compiler? How do you use git, and github …

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Github, because software kittens should be cloned, not adopted

Nov 05 2009No Comments by justin

This is a tale of two open source software projects. However, unlike two certain European cities, there fates are not particularly intertwined, and there is little greatness about their history. The projects are mqmanager, and console. Mqmanager is a tool for managing MSMQs written in .NET. Console is a multi-tabbed wrapper around cmd.exe. Both projects are hosted on sourceforge. Neither project is terribly popular, although console is more so than mqmanager. The difference is in the SCM or …

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