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More Windows command line PATH goodness pathed.exe

Jun 11 2011No Comments by justin

Readers of this blog probably think I have an obsession with editing my system path. That belief is absolutely correct. I even added a tag on this blog for the articles about path manipulation. I am a command line junkie who is constantly trying out new tools so I have to add them to my path. I've written about doing this from powershell here and here, as well as doing it with setx. While these methods are good, I wanted something better. I got better with pathed.exe. pathed.exe is a program …

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Setx where have you been all my life?

May 08 2011No Comments by justin

For me, the reference implementation of mixed emotions is the combination of anger, relief, joy, and frustration when "Why isn't there a way to do X?!" becomes "How come no one ever told me about Y?!" This past Friday, I got to experience that entire bag of emotion thanks to setx.exe. Setx (technet - ss64) is a command line utility that sets environmental variables permanently on windows. This behavior is distinct from the set command (technet - ss64) which only affects the current cmd.exe …

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