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Visual Studio 2010 and TFS Hosting

Nov 08 2012No Comments by justin

Yesterday, Stan, the founder of this blog, gave me a link to a project host on the Team Foundation Service (visual I tried to connect to it with Visual Studio 2010. it simply refused to work. After much annoyance, he asked me to try adding the TFS server to Visual Studio 2012 and it worked (Why didn't I think of that?). Eventually I figured out that I needed to install the Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Team Foundation Server 2012 Compatibility GDR (KB2662296). Then I was able to add …

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Continuous Integration with TFS2010, MSDeploy & VSDBCMD

Oct 28 2011No Comments by stanley

After I created an account at Cytanium, I quickly discovered the glory of One-Click Publish. After setting up my source control in TFS. All I could think of, was getting TFS to do the same thing for me, but even I knew that wouldn't be enough. I wanted TFS to deploy my database changes as well. Well, there is that Schema Compare utility in Visual Studio, I know it can figure out and deploy changes to a database. I figured if Visual Studio can do all of these things, I should be able to as well.. …

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YUI's CompressorTask with MSBuild and Visual Studio

Sep 24 2011No Comments by stanley

While trying to integrate YUI Compressor as a build task in my current project... Post Build Event: [plain] $(MSBuildBinPath)msbuild.exe "$(SolutionDir)MinificationSettings.xml" /property:SourceLocation=$(ProjectDir) /p:JavaScriptOutputFile=$(ProjectDir)ContentMinScriptsExample.min.js /p:CssOutputFile=$(ProjectDir)ContentMinCSSSite.min.css [/plain] I got the error: [plain] MSBUILD : error MSB1008: Only one project can be specified. …

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Visual Studio, Line Numbers and Ankhsvn

Jan 30 2011No Comments by justin

Although I am a git and DVCS true believer, I still deal with SVN. In Visual Studio this usually means I use AnkhSVN. For anyone paying for the VisualSVN client, I really think you should evaluate this tool. Its Visual Studio Integration is superb and I've had no usability problems in recent versions. One thing about it annoyed me was caused by it integrating too well with Visual Studio. That problem was it is the display of line numbers on the editor screen. I setup Visual Studio to display …

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Using the registry to resolve Visual Studio reference paths.

Jan 28 2010No Comments by justin

Update 2012-12-24: Updated to reflect the MSBuild 4.0 syntax as I describe here. Note: To skip the long journey of what lead me to figuring this out, click here to go to the howto. Recently I was asked to look at a fiddler plugin Stan, the founder of this blog, was developing. He gave me a SVN path and asked me to build it and test it. So I checked out the source code and hit F5. I got a bunch of compiler errors relating to the fact that I didn't have fiddler installed. I rectified that …

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