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Microsoft, please open source sqlcmd, Sqlps, SMO, and LogParser

Mar 28 2015No Comments by justin

Microsoft has open sourced part of the .NET framework. This is exciting news, although honestly not all that unprecedented. There was a time when AT&T defended the C language as its intellectual property. These days, the language is effectively in the public domain. (Note IANAL, the preceding was not legal advice. UNIX is a trademark of the Open Group). This lead to a few people asking if SQL Server would ever be open sourced. That answer is probably no for the time being. However, I do …

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All Aboard #SQLAmtrak

Apr 28 2012No Comments by justin

Update: I have settled on the train. I have three announcements in this post. First of all, I'd like to announce that I will be speaking at SQL Saturday 121 in Malvern, PA, just outside of one of my favorite cities, Philadelphia. Secondly, I'd like to announce that I will be taking Amtrak there from Newark Penn Station in Newark, NJ. Finally, I'm inviting you all to join me in a little adventure I'd like to call #SQLAmtrak! Why #SQLAmtrak? Because I love traveling by rail, and I'm sure I'm not …

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In the brave new world of MaybeSQL, we still need DBAs

Dec 09 2010No Comments by justin

Yesterday, Chuck Reeve's tweeted an article from Daniel Lemire's blog entitled¬†Who will need database administrators in 2020?. The thesis is that with the advent of all these NoSQL technologies, the role of DBA will become¬†unnecessary. I disagree with this for two reasons. First of all, NoSQL will not replace SQL. Secondly, your NoSQL data store probably needs a DBA, even if he has a different title. Just a quick note, I've worked with enough SQL databases to make broad generalizations about …

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What three things got me here.

Jan 22 2010No Comments by justin

Paul Randal wrote a What three events brought you here article on his blog and asked some others in the SQL server community to do the same. I of course was not on that list. However, no one ever invited me to blog about anything before so why should I be shy now. I have decided to not tell this story in terms of professional accomplishments. For me, my hobbies have always led my career. Event 1: A trip to Borders The year was 1999. At 18 years old I spent my last summer before college doing …

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The importance of changing ones mind

Jan 17 2008No Comments by justin

I do not consider myself an expert on Microsoft SQL server. I prefer Postgresql. However, I am a fan of referential integrity and seek to enforce it at the database level, regardless of the engine. I like my databases to reject invalid data like DMV clerks rejecting incorrectly filled out forms. When I work with Microsoft SQL server I struggle to enforce referential integrity in the same manner as I do with Postgres. Recently, I wanted to restrict the values that may be stored in a column in a …

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