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Azure+MongoDb: Having my mind blown at Mongo Boston

Sep 23 2010No Comments by justin

Update: Originally the Mongo Boston talk on Azure was supposed to be given by David Makogon (blog) (twitter). He talks about the session and some upcoming articles he will write in this post. I was at the thoroughly awesome Mongo Boston conference at the Micrsoft NERD Center this weekend. I had a great time at the conference, as well as the surrounding activities. Of all the talks during the conference, one stood out. It was given by Mark Eisenberg who does sales for Microsoft Azure. That talk …

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CoApp: Open Source Package Manager for Windows

Apr 11 2010No Comments by justin

As I mentioned before, I am a big fan of msi installers on windows. So I was really excited to see Garrett Serack announce an OSS package management system called CoApp that he has been authorized to work full time on. In my point of view, Garrett really gets it. I'm hoping as a side effect of this project, WiX will get all sorts of dependency handling improvements. I'll be watching how this develops very closely.

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Trouble building PHP on Windows

Jan 17 2010No Comments by justin

Update: It seems that the facts presented to me in the initial bug report are not correct. I will be revising this article after the facts are settled. For now read the comments. It all started with a simple bug encountered while trying to get PHP and WCF to play nice. Before you know it I was attempting to compile PHP on windows myself. That's when I realized how deep the rabbit hole really goes. These days I program in PHP and .NET for a living. In a past life I was a unix admin for small …

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Microsoft and the OLPC - Red Tape and Misconceptions

Dec 08 2007No Comments by justin

It would appear that Microsoft is making significant progress in porting XP to the XO laptop. While I think the third world is better off learning Linux, I have no problem with them learning on a Microsoft platform, provided they make it suitable for their needs. They seem to be attempting to do that. I can't say for sure that the OLPC is what the third world needs regardless of operating system, therefore I really can't make a judgment as to which OS better serves said undefined needs. …

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