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Announcing SevenZipCmdLine.MSBuild

Jan 06 2013No Comments by justin

This was a quick and dirty thing born out of necessity, and need to make zip files of PoshRunner so I could make its chocolatey package. I made MSBuild tasks for creating 7zip and zip files out of the $(TargetDir) of an MSBuild project. There is a nuget package for it. Simply include it in your project via nuget and build it from the command line with the following command line: %windir%\\framework\v4.0.30319\msbuild __PROJECT_FOLDER__\__PROJECT_FILE__ /t:SevenZipBin,ZipBin This …

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Announcing ILRepack-BuildTasks

Dec 10 2012No Comments by justin

ILMerge is a great tool for creating a single executable out of multiple .NET assemblies. However, it has two limitations. The first is that its not open source, and you're not supposed to include a copy in your public source code repos. The second is its an executable and therefore needs to be called from the MSBuild post build event as opposed to a proper MSBuild task.¬†Each problem had its own mutually exclusive solution. For the first problem,¬†Francois Valdy (blog|twitter) wrote IL-Repack, …

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YUI's CompressorTask with MSBuild and Visual Studio

Sep 24 2011No Comments by stanley

While trying to integrate YUI Compressor as a build task in my current project... Post Build Event: [plain] $(MSBuildBinPath)msbuild.exe "$(SolutionDir)MinificationSettings.xml" /property:SourceLocation=$(ProjectDir) /p:JavaScriptOutputFile=$(ProjectDir)ContentMinScriptsExample.min.js /p:CssOutputFile=$(ProjectDir)ContentMinCSSSite.min.css [/plain] I got the error: [plain] MSBUILD : error MSB1008: Only one project can be specified. …

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Using the registry to resolve Visual Studio reference paths.

Jan 28 2010No Comments by justin

Update 2012-12-24: Updated to reflect the MSBuild 4.0 syntax as I describe here. Note: To skip the long journey of what lead me to figuring this out, click here to go to the howto. Recently I was asked to look at a fiddler plugin Stan, the founder of this blog, was developing. He gave me a SVN path and asked me to build it and test it. So I checked out the source code and hit F5. I got a bunch of compiler errors relating to the fact that I didn't have fiddler installed. I rectified that …

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