Announcing SevenZipCmdLine.MSBuild

Jan 06 2013No Comments 7zip, MSBuild, NuGet, Open Source by justin
This was a quick and dirty thing born out of necessity, and need to make zip files of PoshRunner so I could make its chocolatey package. I made MSBuild tasks for creating 7zip and zip files out of the $(TargetDir) of an MSBuild project. There is a nuget package for it. Simply include it in your project via nuget and build it from the command line with the following command line:
%windir%\\framework\v4.0.30319\msbuild __PROJECT_FOLDER__\__PROJECT_FILE__ /t:SevenZipBin,ZipBin
This will create and project.7z in __PROJECT_FOLDER__\bin\Target. To see how to override some of the defaults, look at this msbuild file in PoshRunner. Source code is available via a github repo, and patches are welcome!

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